Friday, February 8, 2013


Sweet bunch of roses (3/365)

I have been busy and feeling under the weather this week, and therefore there is no planned post. So here is a peek into what my life is like right now, or parts of it, at least.

READING for the university entrance exams coming in May.  I just started this week and so far, I am exhausted and overwhelmed. I'm hoping it will get easier soon. Other than that, I am pretty much reading just my Bible because there's too much going on in my head right now. This post about fear has been on my mind a lot lately, as well.

THINKING ABOUT limits in my life. Mostly because I feel like I have been pushing myself too far and still it feels like not enough. And, well, there is only so much I can do. I have also been thinking about how what I believe about God affects my experiencing Him. He is Almighty, He can do anything and everything. But if I don't believe He can do something when He tells me He will? Well, that's a thought right there. Putting faith into action, is what I am getting at here.

LOOKING FORWARD TO a trip to the US in June. Nothing has been set or booked yet but I am looking into what there is to do and to see in Orlando. Also, I am looking forward to banana bread. There are four large bananas browning on our kitchen counter, which means I'll be making banana bread this weekend.

LOVING the snow, which honestly surprises me. Usually in February, I am getting pretty fed up with the cold and snow but right now it is so beautiful outside. I have also been loving our Saturday breakfasts lately. Last Saturday, it was crepes. This Saturday, who knows.

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