Thursday, April 4, 2013

thyme for spring (or, 17 recipes that use thyme)


My birthday was last Friday and one of the things I got was a huge thyme plant. I use thyme in just about everything I cook, and can't stop looking at this beautiful plant hanging out on my dining table. (Having moved a few weeks ago, my apartment is still mainly filled with boxes and one thing I am desperately lacking is a side table or two.) Because my love for this earthy thyme is only growing day by day, I figured I'd share this beautiful herb and some uses for it I found from around the web.

Thyme is a very aromatic, earthy-flavoured herb that works well with many things, from vegetables to meat. I find thyme works really well in soups and stews, though it often is a part of a combination of herbs, more in a supporting role than a lead. I also love seasoning my ground beef with thyme, especially when it comes to Bolognese sauce or meatballs. Thyme is rather hardy, making it able to withstand long cooking times and should be added in the beginning of the cooking process. It can be used both fresh and dried.

Thyme works well with different meats, chicken and fish as well as in soups and stews, especially if they are tomato-based. Thyme goes well with pretty much all vegetables (mushrooms, onions and tomatoes especially) and beans. Like I said, I use thyme in just about everything I cook. In case of dessert, I find thyme pairs well with citrus fruits and honey.

Uses for thyme

The earthy flavour of thyme works really great in soups, such as cauliflower soup with sharp cheddar and thyme, the classic French onion souproasted tomato and thyme soup, or roasted tomato & carrot soup with mozzarella-thyme croutons.  For some heartier main course ideas, how about trying this lemon thyme chicken or Boeuf Bourguignon.

If you are looking for a side dish, some great options with thyme are parsnip gratin with gruyere and thymeroasted carrots with thymecrusted butternut squash with thyme and garlic and thyme quinoa patties. These lemon and thyme rolls would be a great accompaniment for a soup.

Not only is thyme great in savoury dishes but also in sweets: try lemon, honey & thyme sorbetblackberry thyme buttermilk sconesstone fruit in lemon thyme syrup with creme fraiche or peach tart with thyme sugar. This apple thyme cake with caramel sauce and these thyme lemon tartlets are definitely on my to-make-soon list.

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