Sunday, July 29, 2012

favourites: july 2012

Black currants

  • Blueberries are getting ripe for picking here in southern Finland, and I'm planning on picking as much as I can. Which means that blueberry muffins are in order.
  • I also see a coconut crumble in my future. There seriously is no end to my love for coconut. I think those black currants pictured above would make a great filling for the crumble.
  • DIY window art with Philippians 2:15. If only I had a window I could do this on. Easy and beautiful window art that can also easily be wiped away.
  • This photo. That's what summer looks like here in Finland. I love it.
  • A post on wearing forgiveness. So often, I tend to wear my shame instead of the forgiveness I have in Christ. This was a good reminder to mindfully wear forgiveness like a crown.
  • 10 ways to be more hospitable. A post on how hospitality doesn't require a spotless house and extraordinary dishes. It's funny how I never really care whether or not the house is spotless when I visit somebody, but always feel like really tidying up when anyone comes over.
  • Sesame Street: Share It Maybe. Cookie Monster spoofs the song 'Call Me Maybe'. The best ever. 

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